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Assorted Projects


A system for collecting and analyzing opinions of people in the public spotlight. Incorporates a statistically sound methodology for assessing market recommendations, NLP methods for extraction of predictions from article text, a sophisticated user credibility system and a distributed web crawler.


A tool for visualization of large quantities of time-varying data which takes the horizon chart concept popularized by Mike Bostock's cubism to the next level. Current version is optimized for use with prometheus, but there is also an InfluxDb adapter or you can define your own custom data source. Built using ReactJS and WebGL.


An nginx module that provides the same information as the standard stub_status module but in a format recognized by the prometheus time-series database


nanomsg bindings

.NET and R bindings for nanomsg:


A real estate website for Cambodia (pteah is the khmer word for "home") built when I was doing a survey of appartments in Phnom Penh with the view to buy one for myself. Now abandoned, but provides an interesting historical snapshot of the market at the time it was done.

music compojure

A little project to explore the benefits of Clojure's extended lisp syntax for describing music. Very much inspired by the work of David Cope



A specialized database for storing key/value data where key is an incrementing id and value is any binary data. Designed to handle a very high volume of messages on a low spec VPS with desirable service degregation characteristics as message volume gets too high. Perfect for storing messages in a twitter like application.

(currently in the process of preparing this to be open sourced)


A tool for quickly previewing the web presence of hacker news users. Built immediately prior to this webpage in an attempt to find inspriration for what to put on it. I also find it quite a good tool for serendipitous browsing. Built using python.



A charting library for .NET. No longer maintained, but I still use it occasionally. Put a lot of work into this one - was the project I used to learn C#, back in the day.


A .NET binding for hiredis, the Redis C client that provides a more straightforward API than the ServiceStack client.



A lightweight remote procedure call (RPC) framework that utilizes NNanomsg for robust message delivery.



A C++ charting library API modelled on IO Streams. Turned out pretty well for something this novel. Really old project... does anyone use pgplot anymore?



A high performance data store for market data which has very low resource requirements compared to more general alternatives. Really two separate data stores - one for storing redunant raw data from multiple sources which may contain errors, and another for storing (hopefully) error free processed data. Handles price timeseries and dividend and split events.

(currently in the process of preparing this to be open sourced)


A tool for integrating OCR output from cardscan scanners with any system that has a GUI. It works by recognizing the location of relevant fields in a screen capture taken automatically at the time of the scan and programmatically controlling mouse and keyboard input. Used by around 20 hotels in Australia.

training screen


NPlot reimagined for WPF, with some additional functionality including a high quality contouring implementation.



A C++ image manipulation library with .NET interop developed to meet the needs of Card2Anywhere. Includes an assortment of basic operations as well as some more fun stuff like hough transforms.


Projekt Sierra

An attempt to create solar concentrators housed in floating balls. The big idea is that a sphere has much greater wind resistance than a parabola of the same size and so can be constructed at (very) low cost, relatively.



A .NET library for reading data from and writing data to InfluxDb.



Tweaks the betalist concept into something I thought was a little better. At the time, I was looking for a real world application to try out Haskell on - obviously not a very pragmatic choice, but that was half the point. Question: just how stupid is it to use Haskell for general purpose tasks such as this? Answer: quite.

Feel free to submit your latest project. I may get around to reviewing it. Or I may not.

buy or save?

A tool for valuing residential real estate (unfinished). Unfortunately I didn't get this one to a useful point before loosing interest and moving on the the next thing, but the interactive charts are quite cool.

buy or save?


A utility written in C for copying large files from one computer to another in situations where network connectivity is potentially very poor. Leverages nanomsg for reliabile communications.



An nginx module that can provide simulation data to really quickly. In the future, it may get extended to enable proxying of data from common data sources or form the basis of (yet another) time series database.


Identity Providers

Postgres and filesystem storage providers for the ASP.NET 5 Identity membership system. They pretty much work, but I've since changed development direction and don't need them anymore so they probably won't get polished.


Wine of the Day

Implements a simple trigram language model of wine descriptions. Sometimes believable, sometimes comical, often stupid.

/now person similarity

A utility to find like people on Derek Sivers' website.



A tool to help designers tweak an existing web page layout. Built on electron.


A proof of existence tool. Allows the SHA2 hash of any document to be calculated in the browser, stored (with timestamp) on the server, and checked against at any later date. Had a good domain name for it, so why not?

Videos so good they're worth watching a second time. Work in progress.


Everyone's latest plan for world domination in one convenient location. Aggregator of new projects from ProductHunt, BetaList, ShowHN etc.


A random patch generator for the helm software synth


WWW -> JPG HTTP server

An HTTP server based on PhantomJS that renders a webpage specified in the URL string as a .jpg image.



In signal processing and astro physics.